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Be Ready When The Surprises Happen

HIGHER DEDUCTIBLES AND CO-PAYS AND PRESCRIPTION COSTS ARE A REALITY.  These come sometimes very unexpectedly.  Families are left with a challenge regarding how to pay them.  YOU ALSO HAVE NON-MEDICAL COSTS.  You don't think about recovery time, parking fees, transportation costs, child care and dealing with less take home pay WHEN A SURPRISE ILLNESS OR ACCIDENT HITS.


Supplemental and Worksite Benefits

Supplemental Benefits for the workplace are the fastest growing employee benefit today.

 Growing deductibles and out of pocket costs for the employee are a worry for every employer.   Supplemental benefit offerings can help your employees cover those costs.  At approximately one hours pay per week, a lot of the worry is lifted.  For you, AND for your most valuable asset.  Your employees.

Life Insurance Benefits

You don't want to make them rich when you die.  But, don't make them poor, either.  

Available in all states.  Quoting done online at link above. Telephone application process.  No Physical Exam available.

Whole Life.  Universal Life.  Term Life. Guaranteed Issue.  

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