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Individual Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be a stressful purchase that is often costly.  Rita Bergstein Benefits takes all that away with a huge selection of companies with great pricing and often NO TESTING. 


Guaranteed Issue Voluntary Worksite Life

Have employees with health issues or family health issues?  Strengthen your employee retention and appreciation when you offer them an opportunity to buy needed coverage for themselves, a spouse, children and grandchildren.


Supplemental Worksite Benefits

Large out of pocket expenses are difficult for most workers today.  A higher deductible and co-insurance is a necessary decision to keep a business in the black and continue to offer core coverage. Voluntary worksite benefits are a vital in this environment.  Employees often prefer to customize their benefits rather than adjust to a uniform plan, and you as the employer or broker want options.


Broker Assistance and Consultation

One stop supplemental benefits consultation for all your client needs.  I'll work with you to create a benefits proposal that is fully comprehensive, cost effective, and credible.


Scholarship Tuition Rewards

What could be better than offering your employees tuition rewards?  Tuition rewards can give you and edge in workplace satisfaction--and help in retaining and attracting talent.

My Approach

  Every business, individual, and broker has a unique vision.  My company will help create and implement it. 

My consultation is designed provide solutions, streamline your benefit processes, advise of cost saving wellness plans, decrease benefit enrollment workload, and to offer employee rewards by participating in select voluntary benefits events.

About me

I've been in my career working with worksite employee and individual benefits for 25 years.  I've experienced all of the trends and changes and keep up with the best solutions for your employees, for you, and for your families.

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